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Kennedy Rec. Center, Washington, D.C.

Fort Stevens Rec. Center, Washington, D.C.

Hamilton Recreation Center, Washington, D.C.

Washington D.C. Parks and Recreation Department "Group 5" Parks


CGLA was hired by the Department of Parks and Recreation to develop insightful and inovative park designs for four existing urban parks throughout the Northwest quadrant of the District. The four sites: Ft. Stevens, Hamilton, Kennedy and Banneker Parks each posed their own unique design challenges and opportunities including: interactive fountains, custom interactive play areas, sport courts, community gardens, bio-fi ltration areas, security concerns, maintenance and an emphasis on aesthetic quality. CGLA presented each design to the public at a variety of meetings, gathering input and working with the residents to insure that the end results were user-focused.




Kennedy Recreation Center


One of the District's most famous

and oldest play grounds, Kennedy

Rec. Center has received a brand

new building and site design

complete with a state of the art

splash pad and two play areas. 
























Fort Stevens Recreation Center


Fort Stevens, on of the District's original Civil War ring forts, plays off of this rich history in the design of the play area.  Immidation berms, fort-like play structures and colorful accents provide the kids with a fun play area while respecting the history of the site. 























Hamilton Recreation Center


Hamilton Rec. Center is a bustling small neighborhood gathering area.  The play areas are always busy and the play courts are always active.  For this park, the neibhorhood was interested in incorporating neibhorhood garden plots for their active gardening club.
























Banneker Recreation Center


One of the District's most prominant recreation centers, Banneker has received a state of the art new play area and skate park.  In addition, upon the request of Howard University, a well lit pedestrian promoninade connecting 9th Street NW to Georgia Avenue was added to provide a safe path for students.

Bannker Recreation Center Playground, Washington, D.C.

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