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Stephanie Bille, ASLA | Senior Landscape Architect

Stephanie Bille

Stephanie Bille has over fifteen years of experience as a diverse landscape architect. Her broad focus includes a variety of clients including municipal, Federal, institutional and private sector. As a Senior Landscape Architect of the firm, she leads our project team and has responsibilities for design coordination with other team members and consultants, client contact, project document development and design quality control. Mrs. Bille has extensive experience with on-call contracts and has led our team for the Maryland State Highway Administration on-call, which she developed two significant green-street projects: Kenilworth Avenue and Talbert Lane. She is knowledgeable and experienced in the development of technical elements and has a proven record of coordinating the design development of landscape and hardscape elements with local agencies, divisions, consultants, and with local reviewing bodies and community groups.

Stephanie (left) loves her baby girl, and ofcourse, dancing.  From a young age, she has torn up many-a-dance floors, like Ginger Rogers, with her seamingly lighter-than-air grace.  Gentlemen, a word of advice, please make sure you bring your Fred Astaire-like moves before asking her for a dance. 

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